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Z-Stack is a natural, all-in-one immune-boosting formula designed by renowned scientist and doctor Vladimir Zelenko, MD with four natural, powerful supplements in one easy capsule.

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Z-Stack is a powerful research-backed immune supplement to support your health.

Z-Stack® was formulated by renowned scientist and family medicine Dr. Vladimir Zelenko – who focused on how to naturally build a strong immune system to protect against bacteria, viruses, toxins and other potentially harmful elements.

Z-Stack's patented, science-backed formulation includes four powerful, natural ingredients which can support your body's own immune system:

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient for healthy immune system response, helping your body fight off illness-causing viruses and bacteria.

Vitamin D3 arms your body against viruses and bacterial infections.

Zinc helps the body activate immune system.

Quercetin reduces inflammation and helps to strengthen immune system.

Every vitamin has a purpose and our unique formulation of Z-Stack™ was developed with your immune system in mind.

Learn how zinc ionophors can support a stronger immune system.

Hear from Dr. Zelenko himself as he explains the role of zinc ionophors in Z-Stack and how they support a strong immune system.

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