Spike Protein and How It Wreaks Havoc On Health.

Spike Protein and How It Wreaks Havoc On Health.  


Referred to as a ‘legitimate genius’ by podcaster Joe Rogan, he is the next truthspeaker to be thrown into the spotlight of the times. And he is fast becoming censored and discredited because of it.  


All the more reason to listen to him, right?  


A Hollywood actor who has starred in a long list of films including Iron Man, Ray and Mr Holland’s Opus, he owns a whopping 97 patents, proclaims controversial theories which challenge the standard arithmetics system (1x1=2?), and has boldly called out the criminal activities of governments all around the world in their role in the plandemic.  


And like most truthspeakers, he is prepared for the costs that come with this bold stance—and doesn’t seem too fazed by it, either. In fact, this 55 year old’s kick back approach is pretty inspiring.  


So who is he?  

His name is Terrence Howard.  


In Rogan’s interview with Howard on May 18—described by some viewers as both ‘bizaar’ and ‘fascinating’—he discusses memories from the womb, supernatural experiences, the significance of the movie ‘The Matrix’, and his stance on covid ‘vaccines’.  


In discussions surrounding a 300% increase in cancer, a 40% increase in all mortality deaths and a 500% increase in pulmonary embolisms in only the past couple of years, Rogan asks Howard what he thinks is the cause.


His reply?


‘Spike protein that is being built and collected within the system.’  


He then goes on to give perhaps the most detailed explanation of exactly what spike protein is, how it binds to cells within the body, and how it collects in the ovaries, lymph nodes and bone marrow to create disease and dysfunction—something many of us are still trying to understand.


What Is Spike Protein, How Can It Be Picked Up, and Why Does It Pose A Risk to Health?

At the onset of the plandemic, there were discussions around the dangers of spike protein transmission in children and adults. This was of course completely discredited by mainstream media and medical institutions. And yet, only a few years later, various studies published in The National Institute of Health are now confirming concerns raised in earlier years.  


As cited from the beginning by prominent doctors such as Dr Zelenko and Dr Christian Northrup, spike protein can be picked up through the phenomenon known as ‘shedding’, OR through receiving the covid ‘vaccine’ directly, and even from the viral infection itself.  


With more information now readily available, including NIH publications and studies, what exactly then is spike protein?


According to Wikipedia, spike protein is defined as,


'A peplomer protein that forms a large structure known as a spike or peplomer projecting from the surface of an enveloped virus. The proteins are usually glycoproteins that form dimers or trimers.'


Other medical and nutrition specialists across social media platforms have summed up spike protein in only two simple words that may do a better job at getting our attention,


 ‘Spike protein is a toxin.’


An articled published by The National Institute of Health titled, ‘Be aware of SARS-CoV-2 spike portein: There is more than meets the eye.’, gives us a good indication in this title alone that there are concerns associated with this compound.


Essentially, spike protein is shown to be the component of the virus which may be the main driver of inflammation. It is also the protein which the body gets instructed to make large amounts of when it gets injected with the covid ‘vaccine’. Various sources state that it is not clear how long the body makes spike protein after this injection.


Spike protein has also been shown to be a primary triggering factor of many of the adverse reactions associated with this injection, from thickening of the blood, to vascular inflammation and cardiac events.


Dr. Suman Chaudhuri, founder of The Karuna Center in Berry Hill (Nashville, TN) quotes in a published post (reposted in full here),


'In a nutshell, the spike proteins are the protruding extensions on the virus that allows it to attach to cells in the lungs, heart, kidneys, and sex organs, for example. These spike proteins on the original C19 virus were most unique among all the other natural corona virus found in nature in that they were found to have an unusually strong affinity to certain cell receptors which is what made the original virus more contagious than usual. Moreover, the spike proteins were found to very easily "break off" from the virus body to exist independently and end up accumulating in organs and cells of the body.'


Conditions Which May Be Associated with Spike-Protein Accumulation




-chest tightness

-breathing difficulties

-cardiovascular inflammation/myocarditis

-behavioral changes

-neurological damage

-blood clots

-stroke and heart attacks

-joint pain

-brain fog

-memory and focus issues

-weakened autoimmune

-reactivation of latent viruses such as Epstein-Barr/Shingles

-reproductive system damage


Herbs and Supplements Which May Help Clear and Destory Spike Protein

As awareness grows, finding ways to clear and destroy spike protein has been shown to be a huge topic of interest. The top three all-natural supplements documented in studies are currently:



-N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)



A study circulating online titled, ‘The Combination of Bromelain and Acetylcysteine (BromAc) Synergistically SARs CoV-2’ has shown great promise for this all-natural enzyme (bromelain) and N-acetylcysteine, more commonly known as, NAC. A second study titled, 'Bromelain inhibits SARA-CoV-2 infection via targeting ACE-2, TmPRSS2, and spike protein', offers an additional reference.


An MDPI study titled, ‘Degradative Effect of Nattokinase on Spike Protein of SARS-CoV-2’ cites nattokinase as an effective substance for breaking down and assisting the body in removing spike protein from the system. Nattokinase may be found in the fermented soybean product, natto, as well as in a supplement form.


Z-Products Containing NAC and Bromelain

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