Just when we thought we were in the clear...the dreaded “C” word rears its ugly head again.

If you haven’t already experienced the inevitable, refer to any mainstream media outlet’s latest publications and there you’ll find fear mongering headlines about the latest evasive covid variant threatening to take over the world with blanket claims that getting more boosters will help you keep up.1

This variant, Omicron subvariant XBB, is said to be part of a “new class” of rapidly spreading covid virus that is suggested to be more immune evasive than former Omicron variants and making its way around the world.2 Accordingly, scientists have dubbed it Gryphon, named after a legendary creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion that is often depicted as a wild, powerful predator.3 It seems that whoever was tasked with nicknaming XBB, was hinting that our immune systems are a favorite prey to this wild, immune evasive covid Gryphon.

Well, the fear mongering never stops, but fortunately there are steps we can take to maintain peace of mind as we are bombarded with constant reminders that the boogey-man, or more fittingly, the boogey-virus, could be just around the corner.

This is where being proactive comes in.

Your Body is an Efficient Biological Masterpiece

Our bodies are incredible machines, equipped with a dynamic immune system comprised of an army of frontline biochemical warriors constantly working to maintain health and balance in the body by keeping invaders and pathogens under control. When provided with the proper support, nutrients, environment, etc., these frontline warriors have the capacity to take on any predatorial Gryphon that nature or even say, a bioweapons lab may throw at it.

One of the major contributors to a fortified immune system is a continuous sufficient supply of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D – A Key Hormone

Vitamin D is an essential hormone that plays a variety of key roles in the body and is necessary for health. Not only does it help support the immune system’s role in fighting off viral invaders like the Gryphon XBB, it also has a role in the prevention of cancer and inflammation, and supports the functioning of the nerves, blood, muscles and bones.4 Its supply is relatively minimal in foods – fortified milk and fatty fish being some examples – so generally, our primary source of Vitamin D comes from endogenous, or internal production within our bodies following proper exposure to sunlight.5

Getting proper exposure to sunlight isn’t always easy or even possible. A job may keep you indoors all day or perhaps you reside in a place like the Northeast of the U.S. where the colder months come with shorter daytimes and a lessening intensity of Vitamin D stimulating UV rays as the Earth tilts away from the sun heading into the Fall and Winter months.

In situations like these, and even for some that may be getting enough sun but suffer from imbalances in their body that hinder the production of Vitamin D, supplementing this vital hormone becomes a necessity.

Vitamin D Deficiency: The True Pandemic

According to recent figures, somewhere around 42% of American adults and even higher percentages of children and dark skinned individuals are deficient in Vitamin D.6 And shockingly, but not surprising, in other studies it was shown that Vitamin D Deficiency was noted in upwards of 90% of COVID positive patients.78 Most of this can be attributed to lifestyle choices like limited sun exposure or poor diet, but for many their geographical location is a major contributing factor.

Z-Stack, a Dr. Zelenko vitamin formulation, is an effective and affordable way to provide your body with the Vitamin D it needs to help maintain health. In combination with Zinc, Quercetin, and Vitamin C, this powerful formula helps equip the immune system with major nutrients to help take on the pathogenic Gryphons of the world. Each bottle will last an individual one month and each serving provides sufficient supplies of each nutrient to help fortify the immune system.  

The world will never stop producing factors that can make us sick and knowing that your Vitamin D levels are sufficient is a giant step in the direction toward health. It is up to us to be proactive and make sure that our systems are equipped for the battles ahead. Invest in your health today and consider fortifying your immune system with a supply of Z-Stack.


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